Effective Password Manager

Effective Password Manager

The perfect tool for storing all your most valuable information like passwords
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The Effective Password Manager v1.1 is a handy tool coupled with some advanced features in addition to just storing passwords. Unlike most other software’s, this tool has certain reusability features like file locking, copy login, duplicate account which comes in handy. As for the user-interface, its folder structure and most of the operations have windows like look through which, one becomes familiar with the screens and navigations while using it for the first time. Encryption of data files with 256-bit Advanced Encryption Standard algorithm definitely has boosted the product with a good performance under minimum system requirements and as a powerful tool. The software works well in across Windows platforms.
One can customize the automatic backup feature through which the loss of data is prevented. The other noticeable features include automatic password generator, suitable search, copy user profiles and creation of unlimited number of accounts. There is also a help tool which provides necessary information when needed. With these features the version1.1 is sure to be a competent ad ware in the market.

Manoj Goel
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  • A “Did you know” tip pops up during startup which provides valuable information about the product and can be referred anytime.
  • Easy to work with features like folder creation, create/duplicate accounts, locking files etc.
  • A GUI like Windows provides comfort while using the tool for the first time.
  • Follows windows folder structure and hence it is easy to maintain.
  • The automatic data backup is a feature to be noted.


  • The looks of the features can be improved with more Graphical User Interface (GUI) and better presentations.
  • Works only in Windows platforms.
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